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2010A safe place for women with disabilitiesMcKenzie, MandyJournal Article
2016Mind the gap : the extent of violence against women with disabilities in Australiavan Toorn, Georgia; Dowse, Leanne; Soldatic, Karen; Spangaro, JoJournal Article
2018Family violence and women with disabilityThomas, Kate; Beavis, KaraReport
ANROWS-RtPP-VAW-in-mental-health-units.pdf.jpg2020Preventing gender-based violence in mental health inpatient units: Key findings and future directionsAustralia's National Research Organisation for Women's SafetyReport
2012Prevalence and risk of violence against children with disabilities: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studiesShakespeare, Tom; Hughes, Karen; McCoy, Ellie; Bates, Geoff; Eckley, Lindsay; Mikton, Christopher; Officer, Alana; Jones, Lisa; Bellis, Mark A; Wood, SaraJournal Article
2007WWDA on violence against women with disabilities [kit]Women with Disabilities Australiakit
2023The Australian National Research Agenda to End Violence against Women and Children (ANRA) 2023–2028Lloyd, Jane; Dembele, Lula; Dawes, Cassandra; Jane, Sarah; MacMillan, Lucy; ANROWSReport
2015Dealing with the distress of people with intellectual disabilities reporting sexual assault and rapeWillott, Sara; Antaki, Charles; Richardson, Emma; Stokoe, ElizabethJournal Article
2018Doing an effective case review with a person with disability : a person-centred approachDew, A; Cooney, E; Meltzer, A; Conway, P; Dowse, LeanneReport
2005Real trouble in the home: the domestic violence reality for women with disabilitiesFrohmader, Caroline; Salthouse, SueJournal Article