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1992"I just couldn't stop them". Western Australian children living with domestic violence : a study of the children's experiences experiences and service provisionBlanchard, Anne; Brown, Lorraine; Molloy, FrankReport 
1992Desperately seeking justice : a resource and training manual on violence against women in a culturally diverse communityGonzalez, Mirta; Orlando, Diana; Gilmore, Katebook 
1992Battered women's concerns about their children witnessing wife assaultHilton, N ZoeJournal Article 
1992The national strategy on violence against womenThe National Committee on Violence Against WomenJournal Article 
1992Women and mediation: information about mediation for womenAstor, HilaryBooklet 
1992Rape and domestic violence: the experience of refugee womenFriedman, Amy RJournal Article 
1992The arrest experiments: a feminist critiqueBowman, Cynthia GrantJournal Article 
1992Hype or hope? The importation of pro-arrest policies and batterers' programmes from North America to Britain as key measures for preventing violence against women in the homeMullender, Audrey; Morley, RebeccaJournal Article 
1992Naming violence against women in our church communities : sexual harassment, incest, rape and other forms of violence : women are speaking outThis booklet is a project of the Victorian Council of Churches' Commission : Churches in Solidarity with WomenBooklet 
1992CaptivityHerman, Judith LewisBook Chapter 
1992General orientation to a shelter [sound recording] [English] [Cantonese] [Filipino] [Italian] [Spanish] [Vietnamese]produced by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre (D.V.R.C.)audio 
1992The myth of sexual symmetry in marital violenceWilson, Margo; Daly, Martin; Dobash, Russell P; Dobash, R. EmersonJournal Article 
1992Sexual assault: issues for Aboriginal womenThomas, CarolConference Paper 
1993Training in the area of violence against women : incorporating national training guidelines; training of key occupational groups; and train the trainer programsDepartment of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Office of the Status of Women, National Committee on Violence against WomenReport 
1993The association between child abuse and other family violenceGoddard, Chris; Stanley, JanetJournal Article 
1993Child sexual abuse: assault in a violent contextGoddard, Chris; Hiller, PeterJournal Article 
1993Must we stop arresting batterers?: analysis and policy implications of new police domestic violence studiesZorza, JoanJournal Article 
1993The effect of child abuse and other family violence on the child protection worker and case managementStanley, Janet; Goddard, ChrisJournal Article 
1993The effectiveness of protection orders in Australian jurisdictionsEgger, Sandra; Stubbs, JulieReport 
1993Hitting home [videorecording] : the hospital emergency responseThe Women's Health and Sexual Assault Education UnitVideo